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La Molisana Pantacce Toscane, 16 OZ (Pack of 12)

$ 4119


100% durum wheat semolina. Enriched macaroni product. Since 1912. 9 min cooking time. The pristine land of Molise is home to the recurring miracle of nature for over 100 years and has continually offered its gifts to the industrious La Molisana millers and pasta makers. For centuries, Molise, with its fertile soil and mild climate, has been known and still is, one of the best granaries of Italy. It is a land blessed by extraordinary beauty, a haven of peace and a treasure trove of authentic flavors. This is the essence of a land that feeds and enlivens La Molisana's history from year to year. Our lifestyle is natural and healthy; making time for fundamental values every day. In the kitchen this translates to delicious foods made simply from flour and water. Our admiration of wheat and the expertise that comes with it, creates pasta with excellent protein content and the unmistakable golden color of the fields. Only expert millers from this area can ensure the integrity of the pasta and preserve the organoleptic properties of the wheat. Durum wheat semolina pasta. Find out our shapes in the QR code or visit our website. Sodium: 0 mg (without added salt in the cooking water).Imported from Italy. Product of Italy.

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