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Valley Lahvosh The Original Armenian Sesame Seed Cracker Bread, 15.75 OZ (Pack of 7)

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Package contain three pieces. You'll just love. Valley Lahvosh is the finest cracker-type bread made anywhere! Why? Because we use only the most wholesome ingredients. Because we bake Valley Lahvosh to light, crisp perfection. Because Valley Lahvosh is more than a cracker - its a cracker-type bread! Since 1922. You'll be glad you selected this package of Valley Lahvosh The Original Sesame Seed Cracker Bread because you have chosen the finest Armenian cracker bread baked by the originators of Valley Lahvosh, Valley Bakery. Made with the finest natural ingredients, Valley Lavosh has no artificial chemicals or preservatives to impair its natural and delicious flavor. Topped with the finest available sesame seeds, delightfully wholesome Valley Lahvosh is a sweet, thin traditional Armenian cracker bread - the very finest you can buy. And since you get more by weight than with other cracker breads, you are saving money at the same time. Remember to use only the original Valley Lahvosh made by Valley Bakery to assure the best results for our Valley Wraps and other delicious recipes. As a snack or in a recipe, Valley Lahvosh is always fresh and delightfully flavorful. So - congratulations on your choice. By selecting Valley Lahvosh made by Valley Bakery made by Valley Baker you have chosen the first, the original and the very finest of Armenian cracker breads. Welcome - to the wonderfully delicious world of Valley Lahvosh. It's a very special world where we've been working long and hard to develop luscious and delightful recipes just for you. There's nothing quite like these exciting Lahvosh recipes - very special desserts, sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, snacks and taste treats that almost refuse to be categorized! From lip-smackin' pastry to dips and sauces, your taste buds are guaranteed to sit up and take notice. You are going to be delighted with the world this handy recipe booklet opens up for your culinary enjoyment. And it's all been prepared especially for you by the friendly people who originated Peda Bread, and all kinds of delicious baking over the past 60 years. That's Valley Bakery - of course! Because many of our recipes utilize the softened version of Lahvosh, it's important to know exactly how this is done. Please follow the instructions below and your Lahvosh will be as soft and pliable as a slice of bread. Some delightfully delicious ways to make your meals and snack times come to life! Soften Lahvosh and cover with sweetened, mashed strawberries. Top with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for a different and easy strawberry shortcake, or roll up into a Valley Wrap. Soften Lahvosh and spread with peanut butter and jelly for a quick Valley Wrap after-school snack that everyone will love! Spread with softened cheese spread or stack on cheese slices and pop under the broiler to melt end brown to perfect, melt in your mouth goodness for quick, hot, nutritious snacking. Fresno's Famous: Founded in 1922 by Gazair Saghatelian, Valley Bakery is widely known for delicious and innovative bakery products. Although noted locally as the originator of delicious Peda Bread products, Valley Bakery ships its delightful Valley Lahvosh Armenian Cracker Bread to all parts of the country where it is enjoyed by people in all walks of life, of all nationalities. From the beginning in 1922, the shop was a busy place where the Saghatelian children helped out after school to supply the delicious and popular products baked by their father. Peda Bread, invented by Gazair Saghatelian, was an instant success. Armenian customers enjoyed this delightful variation of an ancient, traditional bread, but all nationalities quickly discovered the rich, natural flavor of Peda as it was distributed throughout the Valley. In 1982, Valley Bakery celebrated its 60 year anniversary, still owned and operated by a member of the Saghatelian family. Valley Lahvosh was developed shortly after the bakery was founded. With its crisp and delicate flavor, many uses, and long shelf life, it became a popular best seller almost immediately. A loyal following in central California gradually expanded to other states as word spread of this naturally delicious cracker bread. With so many people enjoying Valley Lahvosh around the country, Valley Bakery is delighted to offer this collection of original recipes for greater enjoyment of this famous product. Armenian proverbs are taken with permission from the book, Pigs Never See The Stars, translated by David Kherdian - Two Rivers Press, Aurora, Oregon. Decorative border used throughout this booklet is from an ancient, 13th Century Armenian manuscript. Be sure these recipes will be their delicious best by using only famous Valley Lahvosh.

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