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Konriko Wild Pecan Rice, 7 OZ (Pack of 6)

$ 3896


The natural, nutty aroma long-grain brown & wild rice mix with natural pecan flavoring you've loved for over 30 years! Wheat & gluten free. No MSG! Cooks in just 20 minutes! Aromatic brand. My Pledge to You: Wild Pecan Aromatic Brown Rice Mix is a variety of 100% whole grain rice that has a natural nutty aroma and flavor, which reminds me of the pecan trees that grow wild on my farm. Here at the Conrad Rice Mill, we are very proud of this product and our other Konriko brand food products. I invite you to write to me with your comments and to request some of our favorite recipes. Bon Appetit! - Mike Davis, President, Conrad Rice Mill. Konriko - Making your life easier with healthy, gourmet side dishes & seasonings! In the enchanting Acadian countryside of south Louisiana, where much of this nation's rice is grown, there's a small corner of farmland distinctly different from all the rest. Here, in the rich soil of Iberia Parish, a rare variety of long-grain rice is grown that is cultivated nowhere else. Our tale begins years ago, when a young rice miller was experimenting with some rice seed, hoping to develop a grain with a unique flavor that only nature could provide. And he did. As he gently milled his special rice, leaving most of the bran layers intact, the grain released a wonderful aroma. In the kitchen, as he cooked the rice, the air filled with a rich, nutty fragrance. At the table, it had a subtle, nutty taste. This aroma was so reminiscent of the native pecans that grew in the area, that the young miller began calling his new rice wild pecan rice. For over two decades Konriko Wild Pecan Aromatic Rice has been produced exclusively by America's oldest operating rice mill, Conrad Rice Mill of New Iberia, and has become a favorite in many households around the country. From time to time, however, someone would ask us if we ever thought of using brown rice in our product. One day we decided to try it and we were delighted with the result! And, unlike other brown rice mixes, our special, 100% whole grain brown rice cooks up in only half the time of regular brown rice!

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