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Newmans Own Touch of Butter Microwave Popcorn, 3 ea (Pack of 12)

$ 5534


Featuring Newman's Own oldstyle picture show microwave popcorn. All natural. With other natural flavors. No trans fats. All profits to charity. 65% less fat. 25% fewer calories. 50% less sodium than regular butter microwave popcorn. See side panel for nutrition information. Popping instructions located on bag. All Profits to Charity: Newman's Own Foundation continues Paul Newman's commitment to donate all royalties and after tax profits from this product for charitable purposes. Paul Newman and Newman's Own Foundation have given over $300 million to thousands of charities since 1982. Newman's Own, Inc. is Proud to Support: USA Weekend Magazine's Make A Difference Day: Make A Difference Day encourages Americans to volunteer. As lead sponsor, Newman's Own celebrates volunteerism by awarding $10,000 to each of the 10 most outstanding volunteer projects every year. Make a Difference Day Annual Challenge: National day of doing good. Newman's Own Award - Supporting Military Families: Every year, Newman's Own, in cooperation with Fisher House Foundation and Military Times Media Group, awards $100,000 to the most unique initiatives that improve the quality of life for military families. Fisher House: Helping Military Families. A Partnership for Hunger Relief: 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. Newman's Own, in partnership with Ford Motor Company and Feeding America, sponsors a program to help distribute food to people in need. The program has donated 98 trucks and delivered over 130 million meals nationwide. Feeding America. Top-of-the-crop taste. No trans fats. No hydrogenated oils! It's our great, crispy, fresh-tasting popcorn without the trans fats and hydrogenated oils. It's deliciously all-natural and pops to perfection in two to five minutes. All natural product. Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Comparison per Serving: Light butter microwave popcorn - 120 calories, 4 grams fat, 170 mg sodium; Regular utter microwave popcorn - 180 calories, 12 grams fat, 350 mg sodium. Legend: I'll tell you how bad it is. Nobody gets trusted with popcorn - except me. That includes the FBI, the IRS, Tiffany's and concessionaires of any ilk. A good flick arrives on the local screen, you see ol' Newman scuttling across the lobby with a greasy brown paper bag of this homemade popcorn in one hand and - you guess it - a machete in the other. Who's who lists a lot of one-armed people in my hometown. They got caught trying to muscle their way into my greasy brown paper bag. The way I feel - they got off easy. They should have been strung up. - Col. P.L. Pops Newman.

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