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Annies Homegrown White Cheddar Shells Family Size, 10.5 OZ (Pack of 6)

$ 3943


Made with organic pasta. 100% real cheese. No artificial anything! 0 g trans fat. Naturally good source of calcium and protein. Dear Friends and Family, Mealtime is a time to turn off the cell phone, the computer and the TV, slow down, unwind, relax. Talk, listen to each other, learn about one another's days, and enjoy a laugh or two. The time spent together sharing a meal without interruption is priceless. We're honored that you have invited us to share this meal with your family. After twenty years, our homegrown Shells & White Cheddar, a.k.a. purple box remains our rock - a link from the past to the present. Here it is, the same delicious recipe, in family size. So why such a positive response to our purple box from the start? The color purple proves to be eye-catching together with our logo - the quirky, smiling rabbit (not seal) of approval my brother sketched from a photo of Bernie, my pet rabbit. Maybe it's our distinctively delicious, all-natural, ground-breaking white cheddar cheese or those unique cheddar-catching pasta shells. Perhaps above all, Annie's founding mission to make the planet a greener, healthier place resonates with you. All of these answers contribute to the perseverance of our purple box. We thank you for letting us grow with your families and for continuing to recommend Annie's to your family, friends, and roommates. - Bye for now, Annie. Support family farms - use organic milk, butter, and yogurt! Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Be Green, help the earth to live. Be Green, Help the Earth Live is a campaign we started in 1989. It's not about any particular organization or corporation or trying to get anyone elected. Be Green simply lets people know that you're an Earth advocate, and that you care about what happens to our wondrous blue and green planet. As the stewards of our fragile planet, we humans need to unite and speak out on behalf of all the Earth's inhabitants - from plankton to polar bears to whales to redwoods. We are all interconnected. We all share the same home. Displaying a Be Green sticker give you this voice. Be Greens are everywhere, and we're encouraged by and proud of this growing phenomenon. The more Be Greens out there, the louder our voice. Help the Earth to live. Help to make change. Let's keep this ripple going. Made in USA.

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